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Glucose Syrup

is a transparent to light yellow color syrup, a mixture of glucose, oligosaccharide, and polysaccharide that is obtained by hydrolysis of starch. Tereos FKS Indonesia produces four types of glucose syrups for various applications.




Candy 1

Candy 2

Candy 3


Min. 74

Min. 74

Min. 74

Min. 81

Dextrose Equivalent
(Lane Eynon)

22 - 26

32 - 35

36 - 40

41 - 45

(Luff Scoorl)

24 - 30

36 - 40

40 - 44

43 - 48



  • Confectionery: bulking agent, anti-crystallizing agent, texture stability, balancing sweetness
  • Dairy product: bulking agent, balancing sweetness
  • Ice cream: anti-crystallizing agent, mouthfeel improver
  • Breakfast cereals & bars: anti-crystallizing agent, balancing sweetness, binding agent
  • Non-dairy creamer: source of carbohydrate



Glucose syrup should be stored in a closed container in room temperature of 25-30°C. In presence of higher temperature, product colour may change.
The product is best to used one month after being discharged from bulk container.


Quality Assurance

To meet growing customers requirement of food safety and quality, Tereos FKS Indonesia is certified with these following standards:

  • FSSC 22000 v.4.1
  • Halal MUI Certificate
  • ISO 9001: 2015
  • Kosher Certificate



Tereos FKS Indonesia glucose syrup is available in bulk packaging.

Glucose Syrup

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