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Corn Steep Liquor

is a viscous brown color liquid, consisting entirely of the water-soluble components of corn steeped in water. Corn steep liquor is a co-product of corn wet milling industry. It is rich in soluble protein, vitamin, and mineral.


  • Corn steep liquor is used as feed ingredients used in beef cattle diets as a source of amino acid and mineral
  • Corn steep liquor is widely applied for growth media in MSG industry
  • Corn steep liquor is used as nitrogen source in several medium and cell culture condition in the production of antibiotics, yeast, and vitamin B12
  • Corn steep liquor is used in fertilizer

Commercial guarantee

Protein (on DS) Min. 30%
Concentration Min. 18% Beo



Store in close storage at ambient temperature. Avoid from direct sun exposure. Best to use before 3 months from production date.



Tereos FKS Indonesia corn steep liquor is available in bulk packaging.

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