Tereos FKS Indonesia Celebrates National Batik Day

06 October 2023

Indonesia is a country that has a lot of rich cultural heritage, such as Batik. Batik is a traditional art form that uses wax and colored dyes to create patterns on cloth.

Since 2009, Batik has been officially recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Culture Heritage (ICH). Every October 2, we celebrate National Batik Day to create awareness and positive image of Indonesian culture globally. By wearing batik, we hope it can increase people’s love and pride for Indonesian culture. 

On Monday (02/10), TEREOS FKS INDONESIA has celebrated National Batik Day and the following is the meaning of batik for several TEREOS FKS INDONESIA employees.

Batik is an ancestral cultural heritage of the archipelago, the beauty of its patterns holds a deep philosophy about the meaning of life. Each region has its own unique style. I am very proud to be able to carry batik in formal and casual clothing choices. I am always proud to wear batik. Lenvita Phang (Head Of Sales)

Batik Day is a time for us to celebrate Indonesia’s rich and beautiful culture heritage. Mikha Azarya Lumankun (Export staff)

Batik is a cultural heritage, which is the characteristic or identity of our country. As the younger generation, we interpret this batik day by jointly promoting the art of batik by dressing in batik. Apart from that, we can apply batik in our daily lives while keeping up with the times, batik designs are now also more modern so they will look fashionable to mix and match. Adelia Novita Sandy (AR Staff)

Wear It, Be Proud of it.

Happy National Batik Day!