Quarantine Priority for Tereos FKS Indonesia

11 October 2018

On July 2018, Tereos FKS Indonesia has received a privilege of quarantine priority from Badan Karantina Pertanian (Barantan) along with other 2 companies which is PT Charoen Pokphand Indonesia and PT Neutron Mitra Abadi. The awarding ceremony has been symbolically awarded through Balai Karantina Kelas II Cilegon.

The quarantine priority has been proudly given to Tereos FKS Indonesia along with PT Charoen Pokphand Indonesia and PT Neutron Mitra Abadi since these 3 company has been considered successful in putting their effort towards anti-bribery in agricultural quarantine service. Tereos FKS Indonesia has signed an Anti-Bribery Certificate (Sertifikat Anti Penyuapan) as our commitment towards anti-bribery spirit in agricultural quarantine service.

Through a long process of comprehensive assessment by the authorities, Tereos FKS Indonesia along with the other 2 companies has passed the requirements to obtain quarantine priority privilege. This priority will benefit all of these 3 companies to reduce the dwelling time for the exported commodity at the docking port.

Since public service has a very high volatility towards corruption practices, it’s very important to develop a strong commitment between companies and authorities to prevent corruption practices as mentioned by the head of Berantan.

Berantan has been working very hard in implementing the Presidential Instruction No.10, 2016 regarding anti-corruption principles through prevention action. Through this event as well, Berantan has officially stated that they have started implementing ISO 37001:2016 Standards concerning SMAP since October 2018.

The quarantine priority privilege is expected to reinforce the flow of goods and contributes towards cost reduction. Therefore, Indonesian agricultural commodity would be more competitive within the global market.