Supporting National Economy Recovery through Vaccination Program to Aim Herd Immunity

19 August 2021

We assist this program to supports government’s efforts in speeding up national economy recovery by achieving herd immunity at the soonest.

“We believe that national economy recovery is highly depends on governments efforts in accelerating its vaccination program. Therefore, we fully support this vaccination program from the Cilegon health authority” says Olivier Le Clef, Tereos FKS Indonesia Factory Manager.

Along with Tereos FKS Indonesia Deputy Factory Manager, Yoke Novitasari, they hope that herd immunity in Cilegon could be achieved in the upcoming months. “Cilegon City must reach its herd immunity within the upcoming months. We request all of our employee and parties involved, to fully support this operation in aiming full vaccination in September, hence, creating immunity in our working environment”

Prior to the vaccination program held, Tereos FKS Indonesia also participate in providing countermeasure to the increasing COVID-19 cases in Cilegon by donating 10 Oxygen Concentrator to Cilegon local hospital and RSKM.

“It is our initiative to provide oxygen concentrator since we realize that there’s a scarcity issue at that time. Thanks to Allah’s blessings, it’s very helpful for numerous patients. We are in much favor to have COVID-19 restrained in Cilegon and Indonesia” says Prio Utomo, Tereos FKS Indonesia AVP for HSE and Government Relation Manager.

Dana Sujaksani, Head of Cilegon Health Authority utters that vaccination program assistance among industries is still relatively low, therefore, vaccination rate in Cilegon is still at 24% which is categorized as low.

“Roughly, there are only 10 companies collaborating with the local health authority even though it has been communicated in earlier zoom meeting, that we are more than happy to collaborate with them, organizing this vaccination program. From our side, our goal is to achieve as much as vaccination coverage and we also believe that the companies also require their employee health ensured. This should be a great mutual benefit” says Dana.