Oxygen Concentrator Donation to Cilegon Mayor

05 August 2021

COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia haven't reached the end of its chapter and the demand of oxygen keep on increasing as more patients are now in severe condition.


On 5th August 2021, Tereos FKS Indonesia contributes towards the procurement of oxygen in the area of Cilegon, Banten through donating 10 units of Oxygen Concentrates which 5 of it will be further sent to RSUD Cilegon (Cilegon Local Hospital) and the rest to be sent to Krakatau Medika Hospital in Cilegon. The donation is directly received by Cilegon Mayor, Helldy Agustian.


“RSUD Cilegon and Krakatau Medika Hospital are Tereos FKS  partner in providing medical service to our people and the community surrounding our Factory. We are very much aware and concerned over recent shortages of oxygen supply for Covid patients. Tereos FKS provide these oxygen concentrators along with the Ministry of Industry calls for companies supports in addressing national shortage of oxygen for Covid patients.


We hope this small contribution would help the hospitals in taking better care for the people in Cilegon and Banten province.” says R Wisman Djaja, Tereos FKS Indonesia President Director