Media Discussion with Tereos FKS Indonesia

28 August 2019

Tereos FKS Indonesia has just hosted a media discussion with the topic on; Role of Corn in Indonesia’s Economic: Challenges and Opportunities. We invited Mr. Bustanul Arifin as the external speaker for this event. Overall, the event was a great opportunity to share Tereos FKS Indonesia’s insight on the matter. Most of the articles published also have a positive tone with some small neutral. 

Dr. Arifin has published 39 titles of books in economics and development issues, including a sole author of 15 books. He has also authored over 80 articles in scientific journals, written and presented over 100 research papers in international conferences. He has been a public speaker on agricultural economics and development-related issues, presenting more than 300 research papers in national seminars, workshops and conferences in Indonesia. Dr. Arifin is now serving as Executive Council of the Asian Society of Agricultural Economists (ASAE), Indonesian Society of Agricultural Economics (PERHEPI) and Indonesian Economist Association (ISEI).


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