Sanitation and Hygiene Awareness

13 November 2023

Increasing sanitary and hygiene awareness early on have become core priorities to minimize the risk of sanitation-related health issues. For most people, personal hygiene is simply a matter of walking into their bathroom and engaging in "washing up" and getting clean. The basic act of staying clean is something that people often take for granted in terms of feeling human and being healthy.

To support this campaign, we donated by building two restrooms for Madrasah Al Athfal Primary School. In a CSR event held at Cilegon, Banten, West Java. On 06 November 2023.  R. Wisman Djaja as our President Director explained “Clean and comfortable restroom supports the continuity of the learning process. The students can focus on their study and don’t have to worry to rush back home in the middle of the class for their biological needs.’’

Our CEO also requested the teachers to maintain the building together with all the students to keep it clean and make this a good habit.