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As the leader of corn wet milling industry in the country, we continuously improve our products and always strive for the highest quality. We continue to share the value of commitment and embroider the mission in every aspect of our business.


Tereos FKS Indonesia

Tereos FKS Indonesia is the country’s first corn wet milling facility. Starting the join venture between FKS Group in 2014, Tereos FKS Indonesia answers the ever-increasing demand for starch and sweeteners in Southeast Asia, with a total of USD 100 million in additional investments as of 2017.


Located in Cigading port—the country’s leading port for bulk in the north west of Java—we run integrated facilities with a complex operation to produce a wide range of starch products and its complementaries. Currently, the facility itself has the capacity to process 1,300 tons of corn daily and will continuously increase.

We process our corn to a wide range of derived products which are applicable as raw materials in various industries, including food & beverage, feed, textile, adhesive, paper and many more. In a way, our operation will also contribute to local industry growth. We continuously improve our human resources quality, and today, we have created more than 500 jobs in the company, of which 99% of the employees are Indonesian.

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